Kamen Pelet Kompakt LUX


Compact high-efficiency boiler with an automatic burner built into the fuel tank and a convenient electronic controller.



    • The boiler heat exchanger is provided with up to 6 m. warranty.*
    • High efficiency (over 93%).
    • Automatic ignition and extinguishing;
    • Automatic cleaning of the burner;
    • Power modulation;
    • DHW pump control (only hot water can be prepared in summer time);
    • Room thermostat control;
    • Overheating alarm;
    • The specified parameters remain (after a power loss);
    • Easy cleaning
    • Simple controls.
    • Fuel: wood pellets, grain, wood, wood briquettes.
    • The heat exchanger is made of 6 mm boiler steel.
    • Large fuel capacity (300 l / 200 kg.)
    • * Additional conditions:
    • **Free accessories: Outside temperature sensor and wired room thermostat
The “KAMEN PELLET KOM PAKT LUX  boiler is a boiler with a unique design and high efficiency, which uses the latest boiler manufacturing technologies. Up to 93% efficiency is achieved due to the fact that the boiler is equipped with a unique horizontal smoke break system, ceramic plates are installed in the boiler heat exchanger and the latest technology of the ” COMFORT” stainless steel pellet burner that can burn pellets, grain, etc.
The boiler body and the convection ducts are made of 6 mm boiler steel 265 GH and ceramic plates are installed in the heat exchanger. All doors are made of steel and sealed with environmentally friendly materials that are resistant to high temperatures. The upper and middle doors are intended for cleaning the boiler heat exchanger.
Boiler maintenance means filling the tank with fuel for 3-7 days and cleaning the convection channels.
The KAMEN PELLET KOMPAKT LUX boiler can be operated with a room thermostat. When the temperature reaches the preset room temperature, the boiler switches off, and when the room temperature drops, the boiler ignites automatically.
To reduce heat loss, the boiler is insulated with mineral wool and a steel sheet with a powder paint finish . The KAMEN PELLET KOMPAKT LUX boiler can have a fuel tank on the right, left or front.
The “Comfort” burner has a very wide range of functionalities in the electronic controller. And also the “Full clean” function * is included as standard .
Thanks to the high-quality “Comfort” burner, the boiler operates trouble-free and requires minimal maintenance. The boiler is fired up automatically due to the ignition nozzle, after reaching the set temperature, the boiler automatically turns off, which saves fuel and maintenance costs. If necessary, the boiler automation itself ignites it again, which reduces maintenance to periodic replenishment of the fuel hopper and cleaning ash.

* Full clean function : this is an additional automatic mechanical ash removal.

The boiler supply and return piping can be installed on the left or right side of the boiler (optional).


Technical details

Kamen Pellet Kompakt lux
PowerkW12 kW17 kW20 kW25 kW34 kW
Heated surfacem21.522.533.5
Boiler class according to wg PN-EN 303-5: 2012 5555 
Maximum width (A)mm13001300135014201420
Width (A1)mm495495545615615
Hopper width (A2)mm755755755755755
Depth (B)mm595645645645745
Maximum depth (B1)mm740740740740840
Bunker depthmm600600600600600
Boiler height (H) *mm12401240124012401280
Water supply head (H1) *mm12601260126012601300
Height to chimney (H2) *mm13401340134013401380
Chimney diameter (ØD)Ø mmØ159Ø159Ø178Ø178Ø178
Return water height (H43) *mm200200200200200
Firebox capacityLtr / kg300 / ~ 180300 / ~ 180300 / ~ 180300 / ~ 180300 / ~ 180
The amount of water in the boilerLtr8989111129142
Boiler thermal efficiency%~ 91-93%
Maximum pressurebar1.5
Boiler water temperature (min./max.)oC55/90
Power supplyV / Hz~ 230/50
Chimney draftPa2222242628
Chimney parameters(Ømm)
15 × 15
15 × 15
17 × 17
17 × 17
19 × 19
Height adjustment (up to 34 kW) *mmfrom 24mm to 32mmfrom 24mm to 32mmfrom 24mm to 32mmfrom 24mm to 32mmfrom 24mm to 32mm
The area of the heated roomm2100-170100-170150-200200-250250-300
Price incl. VATEur39484127430545054904