Kamen Pellet Perfekt Bio


This is the most compact Kamen pellet boiler. It would be easy to hide in any corner of the boiler room, if you don't pay attention - modern shapes and refined details are eye-catching. Smaller than a refrigerator, Perfekt Bio can heat a home up to 200m2.

Katilas kamen perfect bio.


  • The boiler heat exchanger is provided with up to 6 m. warranty.*
  • Compact;
  • High efficiency (over 92%);
  • Automatic ignition and extinguishing;
  • Automatic ash scraping;
  • Power modulation;
  • Heating system circulation pump control;
  • DHW pump control (only hot water can be prepared in summer time)
  • Floor heating control;
  • Recirculation management;
  • Servo drive control;
  • Temperature control according to the room thermostat;
  • Temperature control according to field sensor (field sensor included);
  • The set parameters remain (after a power loss);
  • Simple operation;
  • Large fuel capacity (up to 110 kg.);
  • The door opens to the other side (optional).
* there are additional conditions.
** free accessories
  • outdoor temperature sensor
Pellet boiler KAMEN PERFEKT PELLET BIO – is most compact pellet boiler in “KAMEN” product range. It is a high-efficiency pellet boiler that uses the latest technological methods of boiler production. Over 90% efficiency is achieved due to the boiler’s vertical and horizontal smoke translation system, ceramic plates in the boiler heat exchanger and the stainless steel burner Comfort  witch is made according to the latest technology and capable of burning wood pellets, grain, etc. The boiler body and tubular heat exchangers are made of 6 mm thick 265 GH boiler steel. All doors are made of steel and sealed with an environmentally friendly, high-temperature seal. The upper door is designed for cleaning the boiler. To reduce heat loss, the boiler is insulated with mineral wool and covered with powder-coated steel sheet. The KAMEN PELLET PERFEKT BIO boiler has a large fuel tank mounted above the heat exchanger, so the boiler is very compact and suitable for small boiler rooms. The boiler door can also be opened to the right or left.
The high-quality Comfort burner allows the boiler to be used with almost no maintenance. All boiler operation is controlled by an electronic controller based on the latest technology. The Comfort burner is equipped with automatic ignition and the boiler heats the premises according to the heat demand. When the room heats up, the boiler switches off automatically, and if the room temperature drops below the set temperature, the burner will switch on automatically (if a room thermostat is installed).
The Comfort burner features a wider range of functions in the electronic controller. In addition, this burner is equipped with a “Full clean” function *.
* Full clean function : this is an additional automatic mechanical ash removal.
The boiler supply and return connection can be installed on the left or right side of the boiler (optional).
Kamen Pellet Perfect BIO
Heat exchanger aream21.31.82.2
Boiler class according to wg PN-EN 303-5: 2012 555
Maximum boiler width (A2)mm540610680
Boiler width (A1)mm475545615
Maximum boiler depth (B)mm125012501250
Boiler depth (B1)mm850850850
Chimney length (B2)mm105105105
Maximum height (H)mm139513951395
Boiler height (H1)mm135513551355
Feed pipe height (H2) *mm126512651265
Height to the edge of the chimney (H3) *mm120012001200
Chimney diameter (ØD)mm158158158
Return pipe height (H4) *mm200200200
Fuel capacityLtr / kg[80[95[110
Boiler weightkg280320360
Water content in the boilerL6985102
Coefficient of efficiency%~ 90.1-90.8~ 90.1-90.8~ 90.1-90.8
Max working pressurebar1.81.81.8
Boiler water temp. (min / max)oC50/8550/8550/85
Power supplyV / Hz[230/50[230/50[230/50
Chimney draftWell202224
Minimum chimney heightm567
Min. fireplace diameter(Ømm)
15 × 15
17 × 17
18 × 18
Area of heated premisesm2Up to 100100-150150-200
Height adjustment from 24mm to 32mm (up to 40kW) *
Price incl.VATEur348636753812