KAMEN CONTROL reduces corrosion risk of the boiler heat exchanger, prolongs its life time. It ensures the optimal operating temperature of the system and increases its efficiency.

The set includes a constant temperature ESBE VTC 50 ° C Kvs4.5 valve, which ensures a minimum temperature of 50 ° C of water returning to the boiler.

* When using the KAMEN CONTROL system, the boiler operating temperature must be at least 15 ° C higher than the set temperature in the mixing valve (min. 65 ° C with a valve setting of 50 ° C).

The kit includes:

  • Thermostatic mixing valve ESBE 50-70 ° C Kvs4.5.
  • Wilo 15/6 pump
  • 2 bimetal thermometers with 1-inch ball valve

Extend your heat exchanger warranty to 7 years


Purchase and correct installation of the Kamen Control system extends the guarantee for the tightness of the heat exchanger up to 7 years

Refers only to automatic Kamen boilers. Detailed warranty conditions  are detailed in the operating and maintenance instructions for the specific Kamen boiler.