Kamen - USBM

KAMEN SH systems are compact hydraulic units designed for hydraulic separation of a heat source and two heating zones in accordance with PN-EN 12828

Depending on the model, individual zones can be supplied with water at the temperature obtained at the outlet of the heat source (direct circulation, without stirring), or at a lower temperature obtained by stirring.

The Kamen USBM system is available in insulated and non-insulated versions:



Non-insulated version
Insulated version

The kit includes:

– Kamen SH 1NA2-OC low loss header
–  3-way valve with actuator ESBE ARA 661
– 2 x Wilo 15/6 pumps
– 4 x bimetallic thermometers with 1-inch ball valve
Automatic deaerator
Drain valve
2 x Check valve (straight)

Complete set of hydraulic system with one heat source and two circuits:

  • with 3-way valve with ESBE ARA 661 actuator

Flow rate:  3,8 m3 / h
Maximum power: 70 kW esant ∆T = 15K

2.8 l
Maximum power
70 kW
Max. flow
3.8 m3 / h
Maximum pressure
6 bars
Maximum operating temperature
110 ° C
Low loss header

Installation scheme: