Kamen BIOMASS boilers are modern heating boilers with the widest range of fuels.

Main fuel:

    • Sawdust
    • Shavings
    • Wood chips
    • Grain
    • Straw, wood and sunflower husk pellets

Additional fuel:

    • Firewood
    • Coal
    • Peat and wood briquettes


  • Warranty for the boiler heat exchanger up to 4 years *;
  • High efficiency;
  • Automatic ignition and extinguishing;
  • Automatic burner cleaning;
  • Heating system circulation pump control;
  • Boiler circulation pump control (only hot water can be prepared in summer);
  • Floor heating control;
  • Servo drive control;
  • Temperature control according to outdoor and room thermostat;
  • The set parameters remain (after power failure);
  • Easy boiler cleaning;
  • Simple operation;
  • The heat exchanger is made of 6 mm boiler steel (from 60 kW of 8 mm boiler steel);
  • High fuel capacity (1.0 m³);
  • The fuel tank can be on the left, on the right side.
* there are additional conditions.

Kamen BIOMASS biomass boilers are  modern heating boilers, which will include a heat exchanger, fuel supply system, Max BIO burner, fuel tank (1 m³) and electronic control. Due to the large fuel tank capacity (1 m³) and  “Max BIO “ The  uniquely designed boiler can operate autonomously for up to 3-4 days depending on the type of fuel, the size and tightness of the building.
Fuel tank of the biomass boiler  “Kamen BIOMASS” can be mounted on the left or right side of the boiler. The boiler heat exchanger is made of 6 mm thick 265GH boiler steel (from 60 kW – 8 mm boiler steel), insulated with mineral wool and covered with powder-coated steel sheet. Quality materials and construction elements used in the production of the boiler ensure its durability and reliable operation. Kamen BIOMASS
biomass boilers  have the ability to burn a variety of biomass fuels, ie sawdust, wood chips, pellets, grain, chips, etc., with a relative humidity of up to 35% and a diameter of up to 30 mm. 

When burning grain, it is necessary to mix the grain with wood pellets (ratio of 60-70% grain and 40-30% wood pellets).

When burning wood sawdust and wood chips, it is necessary to mix with biomass with a moisture content not more then 35% and a diameter of up to 30 mm (ratio 50% to 50%). Max BIO biomass burners are   equipped with ceramics that absorb fuel moisture, and the modern design with a multi-point air supply system reaches up to 1050 ° C.  A self-cleaning stepped segment plate system is also installed. The  main advantages of Kamen BIOMASS biomass boilers  : high efficiency, wide range of capacities (from 19 kW to 500 kW), wide choice of fuels and competitive price 

Prices of biomass boilers  “Kamen BIOMASS” :

32 kW
 8130 eur incl. VAT
36 kW
7910 eur incl. VAT
40 kW
8305 eur incl. VAT
50 kW
9030 eur incl. VAT
60 kW
11025 eur incl. VAT
70 kW
11645 eur incl. VAT
80 kW
12240 eur incl. VAT
90 kW
16110 eur incl. VAT
100 kW
17090 eur incl. VAT
125 kW
19250 eur incl. VAT
150 kW
20510 eur incl. VAT
175 kW
25140 eur incl. VAT
200 kW
26725 eur incl. VAT
250 kW
35800 eur incl. VAT
300 kW
37485 eur incl. VAT

To ensure the durability of the product, the manufacturer “KAMEN” is constantly improving its products and reserves the right to change the appearance, specifications, etc. of the Product without prior notice.