5 klases granuliniai katilai


Pellet boilers use environmentally friendly fuel and require minimal maintenance

Your comfort matters. Pellet boilers provide efficient heating with minimal effort. For a long time. Our pellet boilers allow you to fully automate your  heating system. However, keep in mind that these are combinated boilers that can burn not only wood pellets, but also other types of solid fuels – sawdust briquettes, firewood or coal. The advantage of these boilers is a wide range of alternative fuels while maintaining a high level of comfort. You will be guaranteed that you will never get cold in the event of an accident or a shortage of pellets, as you can always use traditional fuel.  Meet our versatile boilers.

Kamen universal boilers

Kamen pellet plus

a combined fuel boiler, pellets, grain, firewood or briquettes can be used. 

Kamen pelet plius

Kamen Multi

the boiler with the widest choice of fuel with an automatic burner, and a convenient electronic control.


Kamen Multi Plus

upgraded version of the Kamen MULTI boiler with an innovative exhaust system and an additional heat exchanger


renewed version of Kamen MULTI, has an innovative automatic fuel supply system and an upgraded exhaust system