Pellet burner Eco-palnik UNI-MAX-PERFECT


Pellet burner Eco-palnik UNI-MAX-PERFECT
has no analogues on the market. Automatically removes ash from the burner into an adjacent ash pan.
These burners can be installed in almost all closed combustion solid fuel, gas and liquid fuel boilers. UNI-MAX-PERFECT can use all types of pellets available on the market, from the highest quality wood pellets complying with DIN, DIN + class to dry bulk biomass products.
The electronic controller of these burners controls 2 circulation pumps.
Control of 3 circulation pumps and servo drive (one circuit) can be ordered on request.


The burner “Eco-palnik UNI-MAX-PERFECT” kit includes:

  • Burner “UNI-MAX-PERFECT”;
  • Pellet feeding device;
  • Power Supply;
  • Flexible plastic hose;
  • Electronic controller;
  • Set of wires;
  • Set of sensors;
  • Instruction.
  • High-temperature steel segment plates ensure the durability of the burner and effectively remove accumulated slag from the burner.
  • no need to open the boiler door to remove the ash from the ashtray.
  • no need to extinguish the burner to remove ash;
  • The burner starts and ends work with a complete cleaning of the combustion chamber.
  • The ceramic combustion chamber stabilizes the combustion process and evenly raises the set temperature.
  • Patented air distribution system ensures burner efficiency.
  • Power modulation – the burner burns as much fuel as needed to heat the premises.
  • Equivalent power ranging from 25% to 100%.
  • No need for constant supervision and cleaning of the burner.
  • More than 50% lower costs compared to liquid fuels.
  • The Swiss mechanism that moves the segment plates warranty – 5 years.
  • The standard burner warranty – 2 years.
  • The warranty can be extended* up to 4 years *additional conditions.

Possible power capacities of  “Eco-palnik UNI-MAX-PERFECT“ burners:


  • 100kW

  • 150kW

  • 200kW

  • 250 kW

  • 300kW

  • 500kW

  • 750kW