Kamen Box

Kamen box

If you have chosen a new KAMEN boiler, take the next step - protect your hydraulic installation in a compact box, ideal for all equipment. There are no compromises in a modern boiler room, details count.

Kamen BOX Plus

Any KAMEN hydraulic system with control and condensate protection (KAMEN control system) requires a larger housing. The method of assembly, functions and aesthetics remain the same. Benefits as well.


– KAMEN BOX housing is simple and easy to assemble

-serves as a support structure for system installation


– protects the system from mechanical damage and dust, without interfering with the inspection and maintenance of the equipment.



– the minimalistic design of KAMEN BOX is easily adaptable to any boiler room, it is elegant and at the same time visually neutral.

For a long time


-made of high quality materials, will last a long time without any maintenance.

Technical details :

Information will be available soon.