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We offer biomass pellet burners for the modernization of solid fuel boilers.

it is an easy-to-maintain, convenient and economical heating system. The pellet burner can be installed in an existing gas, liquid or solid fuel boiler. This not only saves money on the purchase of a new boiler, but also installation costs and materials. Pellet burners are manufactured in different capacities and can be installed in boilers with a heating output from 10 to 500 kW.

Pellet burners and accessories

Pellet burner IGNIS

made of stainless steel, according to the latest technology, efficiency up to 99%..

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Pellet burner COMFORT

made of stainless steel, capable of working at very high temperatures, suitable for burning low-quality pellets.

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Pellet burner VIP

due to the unique design of the Eco-palnik VIP burner, any pellets available on the market can be burned.

Pellet burner Eco-palnik UNI-MAX

are one of the few on the market with complete ash removal from the burner to the boiler ashtray.

Pellet burner Eco-palnik UNI-MAX-PERFECT

has no analogues on the market. Automatically removes ash from the burner into an adjacent ash pan.

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Pellet containers

containers are made of high quality galvanized sheet metal. There is a place in the tank for a pellet feeding mechanism 

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