Pellet burner COMFORT

Granuliu degiklis Comfort
The COMFORT burner is a stainless steel burner made using the latest technologys, which can operate at very high temperatures (up to 1150 degrees). The burner burns fuel very efficiently, is environmentally friendly and provides up to 99% efficiency.
The COMFORT burner is designed for the modernization and automation of solid fuel, liquid fuel and gas boilers. Thanks to its unique design, the COMFORT burner can burn low quality pellets. We can provide a warranty up to 4 years (additional conditions may apply).
. The COMFORT burner has an additional mechanical cleaning of the burner, which is controlled by a Swiss mechanism.

Kamen Comfort burner kit:

  • Pellet burner “COMFORT”;
  • Pellet feeding device;
  • Flexible plastic hose;
  • Electronic controller;
  • Connecting wires;
  • Set of sensors;
  • Instruction.
Comfort komplektas
valdiklis venma

ST-976 controller functions:

  • Automatic ignition and extinguishing;
  • Automatic ash blowing;
  • Temperature modulation;
  • Heating circulation pump control;
  • Boiler circulation pump control (only hot water can be prepared in summer);
  • Floor heating control;
  • Servo control;
  • Storage capacity management;
  • Temperature control according to room thermostat;
  • Boiler overheating signal;
  • Fuel shortage alarm;
  • Ignition and extinguishing of pellets at the touch of a button;
  • The set parameters are saved (after a power failure);
  • Color screen
  • PID algorithm (optional);
  • Lambda probe (optional).

  Fuel: wood pellets, grain, etc.

Possible power capacities of “Comfort” pellet burners:

  • 5kW-16kW

  • 5kW-25kW

  • 5kW-35kW

  • 10kW-70 kW