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Class 5 pellet boilers

Class 5 boilers complying with the latest PN-EN 303-5: 2012 standard are appliances of the highest ecological standard.

Pellet boilers

Very convenient and efficient boilers, with an automated fuel supply, require only minimal maintenance.

Solid fuel boilers

Robust, made of boiler steel (265 GH), economical, easy to operate and maintain.

Kompaktiskas kieto kuro katilas

Solid fuel boilers + automation

Solid fuel boilers of improved construction

Industrial boilers

High power solid fuel boilers for industrial use. Up to 300kw  – suitable for heating an area of 2500-3000 m2

Biomass boilers

Kamen BIOMASS boilers are modern heating boilers offering the widest choice of fuels

Pellet burners and accessories

Automatic boilers require a stable and accurate fuel supply. KAMEN offers only field-tested burners that do not disappoint.

Hydraulic tanks

A simple device to balance parameters in a device with multiple circuits or different heat sources.

Hydraulic systems

KAMEN SH systems are designed to separate the heat source and heating zones.


KAMEN SH hydraulic system mounting housing – protects the system from mechanical damage and dust
Kamen box

Accumulation tanks

The storage tank stores excess energy and supplies with heat when it is needed most. A smart and simple solution. Reliable and necessary device.
Kamen akumiacine talpa


KAMEN boiler is a functional, robust and upgradeable device. For example, an additional controller module will give it options that may surprise you.