Pellet burner VIP

The Eco-palnik VIP burner is designed for the modernization and automation of solid fuel, liquid fuel and gas boilers. Due to the unique design the burner Eco-palnik VIP  can burn lower quality pellets
The standard burner warranty is 2 years, but it is possible to extend the warranty up to 4 years (additional conditions apply). The Eco-palnik VIP burner has an additional moving mechanical cleaning of the burner, which is controlled by a Swiss mechanism.
The Eco-palnik VIP burner is created according to the latest technologies and made of stainless steel, which does not require constant maintenance. The burner burns fuel very efficiently, is environmentally friendly and achieves up to 99% efficiency.
The “VIP” burner uses modern innovative technologies:
CCS – Complete Combustion System
TCS – Total Cleaning System
ERS – Easy Review System – quick-service system is an innovative solution that is patented and protected in accordance with the Polish Patent Office.
ASS – Automatic Security System – an automatic unregulated fire damper is an innovative solution that is patented and protected by the Polish Patent Office.

Kamen VIP burner kit includes:

  • Pellet burner VIP;
  • Pellet feeding device;
  • Flexible plastic hose;
  • Electronic controller;
  • Connecting wires;
  • Set of sensors; Instruction.
VIP degiklio pjuvis
The main advantage of the VIP burner is the improved ash removal mechanism, which automatically cleans the burner.
The burner is equipped with a multi-stage grate which, moving forward and backward, at
programmed intervals, allows the burner to remain on.
Thanks to this solution, the settings and combustion parameters of the burner remain unchanged
throughout the operation of the burner.
This allows the boiler to be operated unattended, even for several months, depending on the type of fuel used.
The “VIP” burner can burn all types of pelleted biomass fuels, regardless of their quality (for example: straw pellets, sunflower pellets, etc.).
valdiklis plum 850

Functions of the PLUM 850 electronic controller:

  • Automatic fuel ignition and extinguishing;
  • Firewood + pellets mode (will automatically switch to pellet mode when burning firewood)
  • Automatic ash removal by mechanical means;
  • Power modulation;
  • Heating system circulation pump control;
  • DHW pump control (only hot water can be prepared in summer time);
  • Floor heating control;
  • Servo drive control;
  • Temperature control according to the room thermostat;
  • Temperature control according to field sensor (field sensor included);
  • Boiler overheating alarm signal;
  • Fuel shortage alarm signal;
  • The set parameters remain (after a power loss);

Possible power capacities of Eco-palnik VIP burners:



  • 5kW-12kW

  • 5kW-16kW

  • 5kW-20kW

  • 5kW-25kW

  • 5kW-30kW

  • 5kW-35 kW

  • 5kW-40 kW

VIP burners technical data: