Kamen Multi K5


Energy-saving, powerful boiler that is easy to operate. Wide power range. Extremely long life time and simple, minimal service

Katilo kamen multi-k5 pjuvis


  • We provide a guarantee for the boiler heat exchanger up to 6 years. *
  • Simple operation.
  • Convenient and easy boiler cleaning.
  • Compact.
  • The heat exchanger is made of 6 mm boiler steel.
  • Reliable burner.
  • Electronic protection against fuel tank ignition.
  • Efficiency above 83%.
  • Quiet fan operation.
  • High fuel tank capacity.
  • The fuel tank can be placed on the left or right side.
  • The electronic controller ST-480 controls 4 circulation pumps (heating system, underfloor heating system, boiler, hot water and mixing valve actuator), a room temperature controller can be connected.
* there are additional conditions.
** free accessories
  • outdoor temperature sensor
The pellet boiler Kamen MULTI K5 is one of the latest models from Kamen, which uses the latest technologies and components. The Kamen MULTI K5 boiler meets the highest eco requirements, has certificates of class 5 and ECODESIGN. The pellet boiler Kamen MULTI K5 is equipped with an automatic pellet feeding system with horizontal triple smoke intake, which allows you to burn crushed coal or wood pellets. Since the boiler uses modern solutions, the entire boiler service is refueling every 3-7 days and cleaning the convection channels. During the summer season, the boiler can only be used to prepare domestic water. In the Kamen Multi K5 boiler, the fuel tank can be on the right or left side. The boiler heat exchanger is made of 6 mm thick boiler steel 265GH, insulated with mineral wool and covered with powder coated steel sheet. Quality materials and structural elements used in the manufacture of the boiler ensure its durability and reliable operation. Boiler supply and return can be installed to the left or right of the boiler (optional). Grid for solid fuel combustion chamber (option)

Technical details

Model 15202632
PowerkW5 kW to 15 kW6 kW to 20 kW8 kW to 25 kW 9 kW to 32 kW
Heated surfacem21.
Maximum width (A)mm1055120012001255
Width (A1)mm475545545615
Width with hopper (A2)mm1080112511251250
Maximum depth (B)mm665665760760
Depth (B1)mm570570650650
Chimney length (B2)mm105105105140
Maximum height (H) *mm1475147514751475
Boiler height (H1) *mm1350135013501350
Water supply head (H2) *mm1370137013701370
Height to chimney (H3) *mm1455145514551455
Chimney diameter (ØD)mmØ158Ø178Ø178Ø178
Return water height (H4) *mm360360360360
Firebox capacitykg180180180180
Boiler weightkg480530570620
The amount of water in the boilerL657795107
Boiler thermal efficiency%89-92%
Maximum pressurebar1.8
Boiler water temperature (min./max.)oC55/90
Source of powerV / Hz230/50
Chimney draftPatwenty222427
Minimum chimney heightm67eighteight
Minimum parameters of the chimney(Ømm)
15 × 15
17 × 17
18 × 18
20 × 20
The area of ​​the heated roomm2up to 150150-120200-260250-320
           Height adjustment from 24mm to 32mm (up to 40kW) *
Price incl. VATEUR3171329735604043