Kamen low loss headers from 2 to 3

A simple device, but it plays an extremely important role in heating systems.

Typically low loss headers is used in installations with several heating circuits (for example convection heaters and underfloor heating) with different requirements, and each of them has a separate pump. In modern appliances, various heat sources are increasingly used, such as an automatic pellet boiler, a gas boiler or a heat pump, and etc. If low loss header intaled each system can work independently and the pumps do not interfere with each other.

Hydraulic low loss headers are a very simple device, but they play an extremely important role in heating systems. It is an enclosed space, usually made of steel, to which the primary circuit (s) of heat are welded on one side and the secondary circuits (installation side) on the other. The primary side supplies heat to the header and the secondary side to the receiver.

Hydraulic low loss headers Kamen SH 2-3 is available in insulated and non-insulated versions:

Kamen SH2NA3-NO

Non-insulated version.
Kamen SH2NA3-OC
Insulated version.

Technical data:

Water capacity4.1 l
Max. power70 kW
Max. flow3,8 m3/h
Max. pressure6 bar
Max. operating temp.110 °C
Expansion tank housingSteel
Connectors diameterGW G1 “
Thermometer connection diameterGW G½ “
Glycol concentrationmax 50%


Hidraulinis indas2x3